The Bookkeepers
Want You To Use
Why People Choose Us.

Why People Choose Us.

Our tailored approach ensures you receive a service aligned with your bookkeeping
needs & designed to achieve your goals.

Leaders in our industry

The only certainty is change. We lead by example to embrace change and seek to educate on these changes and innovations wherever possible. National and international awards to our name are testament to our achievements. The learnings attained are directly used to provide your business with the best possible bookkeeping solutions. That’s why we’re known as ‘The Bookkeepers Accountants Want You to Use’.

Focused on value, not price

We listen to you in order to understand what value means in your business, enabling us to offer a tailored, fixed-price package specific to your bookkeeping needs. You don’t pay for what you don’t use, will never get a surprise invoice and will enjoy consistency of cash flow.

Simplifying business

This can be achieved in many ways - improved bookkeeping, training, streamlined processes. Cloud solutions free up time allowing for more value-added work. The end result is an efficient business providing you with real time knowledge for better decision-making.

A collaborative and proactive team

Your dedicated bookkeeper is supported by a team of accounting system experts. Peace of mind is ensured as the team takes a hands-on approach to your business, resulting in seamless support to address your immediate needs and meet long-term business goals.

Our word

Integrity, honesty and transparency are at the heart of everything we do. Our team uphold these values as a part of the Direct Management culture. Our promise to you is that we will consistently deliver these standards in our dealings with your business. With the confidence of knowing that we have your business interests at heart, you can concentrate on growing your organisation.

Your Business is Unique.

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