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Rache Laguna

Consulting CFO

Rache is one of our esteemed Fractional Chief Financial Officers, a role she has mastered with her dynamic experience and strategic insight. Her tenure is at Grow CFO which is a sister company to Direct Management as part of the Grow Group. Rache specialises in providing bespoke CFO services, expertly guiding clients in budgeting, financial planning, and forecasting, and catering to their unique needs with precision and insight.

Before joining us, Rache enriched her expertise as a Senior Accountant at several international mid-tier accounting firms. In these positions, she honed her general accounting skills, building a robust foundation for her current role. There, she adeptly handled audit planning and execution, presenting findings to top management and preparing regulatory reports.

Rache’s diverse experience across various sectors and her ability to adapt and provide strategic financial guidance make her an invaluable asset to our team. She excels in assisting our bookkeeping clients with complex strategic planning, offering insights that are both innovative and practical. Her contribution is not just in numbers and forecasts but in steering our clients towards sustainable growth and financial success.

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