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Deborah Harris


Meet Deborah Harris, experienced entrepreneur, philanthropist and speaker. Deborah, with her husband Jeremy, are the co-founders of Decisions Plus which trades as Direct management and The Grow CFO Co. Deborah  is passionate about developing the financial literacy of business owners so they can make better financial decisions… this makes her the go-to person for business owners and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Deborah is a prominent member of the business scene outside of Direct Management. She enjoys sharing her knowledge by mentoring and offering advice to start-ups and small business owners and is a keen advocate for funding new solutions through her connections in Brisbane Angels – Australia’s premiere Angel Funding Investment Group.

Deborah stands out from the crowd due to her aptitude for simplifying difficult financial ideas and her talent for coming up with workable answers to complex financial issues. She is very hands-on and enjoys working closely with clients and their teams to comprehend their business objectives and offer specialised strategies. Deborah is the ideal candidate to assist your firm in expanding and thriving because of her depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for helping businesses succeed.

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