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Our Team.

Our Team.

Your business is supported by a team of accounting system experts. Our diverse backgrounds enable
us to better support your organisation, giving you an improved business outcome.

Deborah Harris


We believe great bookkeepers are the first line of defence for a growing business. Their attention to detail and regular checking in makes it possible for a business owner and finance manager to be confident that the decisions they are making are based on solid financial information. That's why we bought Direct Management. Now our CFOs can have the best team supporting their data.

Jeremy Harris


When a business owner says to me "I've been in business for 8 years and no-one has ever told me that...." it brings a smile to my face because then I know I've truly made a difference.

Brooke Nolan


"I enjoy the challenge that comes with dealing with a variety of clients from different industries, providing me with constant growth and development in my professional skills."

Pooja Mehta

Senior Bookkeeper

Dan Wyhoon


Leah Salayao

Executive Assistant

Rache Laguna

Consulting CFO

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