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Internationally recognised Industry Leader – but I’m just a Bookkeeper

Sunday 23rd April 2017

When I first started Direct Management many years ago, people asked me ‘What do you want to achieve?’. My reply was always along the lines of – I don’t know! But I’ll take it as far as I can!! These days I do have written goals, but more often than not, I still fly by the seat of my pants.

10 years on and I am kicking goals where I didn’t even know I had goal.

At the recent Scaling New Heights conference in The Bahamas I was awarded the Insightful Accountants International ProAdvisor of the Year 2016 award. This is in addition to being recognised as a Top 100 ProAdvisor out of over 150,000 ProAdvisors globally; for the second year in a row.

Winning awards is fantastic recognition – not just for ourselves but for the industry in general. How many times do we hear – ‘But I’m just a bookkeeper…’? Industry recognition goes a long way towards boosting the profile of bookkeepers and highlights just how integral we can be towards improving the success of our clients businesses.

Who would have thought that as a bookkeeper I would have the opportunity to travel the world? Certainly not me. I have written previously about how important it is for us as accounting professionals to attend overseas conferences. These conferences are key to understanding what opportunities are out there. Conversely, they also showed me just how small today’s world can be. The next overseas conference I will be attending is the Accountex conference in Vegas November 2017. If I can budget for one overseas conference a year, I am happy. Who wants to come with me? A great opportunity for a holiday as well as learning!

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