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Creating a storm with Cloud Storm

Wednesday 24th May 2017

I’ve been around the industry for some time now and much of what I have learnt, I learnt from my network of peers. Without them, I definitely would not be where I am today. With the increasing popularity of cloud technologies in recent years, horizons have expanded and¬†opportunities have opened up that were never before imagined.

As exciting as these changes are, they can be overwhelming for many. And that is why last month, I created a Facebook group called ‘Cloud Storm‘.

For someone who only joined Facebook in September, creating a group on this platform was a new experience. But there is reason behind the madness. Cloud Storm, as the name suggests, is all about ‘cloud’ software and how the cloud is disrupting the industry of Accounting Professionals. So a social media platform such as Facebook is a natural fit for hosting the Cloud Storm group – for now anyway.

But Cloud Storm is not just another platform for industry professionals.

It is a platform where financial professionals and software partners can come together to learn from and assist each other. It is software agnostic, and as the name suggests, only about cloud based software and financial industry businesses interested in transitioning to the cloud.

Cloud Storm is not a platform for sales promotion, but allows an opportunity for the vendor to discuss features and benefits. We also want to promote the growth and development of financial industry businesses and to assist them and their clients, transition to the cloud.

At this stage, Cloud Storm is restricted to Australian accounting professionals and to vendors who provide SaaS software to Australian businesses. The Cloud Storm Facebook group is a closed group, but follow us on twitter @CloudStormAU

We live in exciting times – the Accounting Industry is far from boring!

If Cloud Storm resonates with you then feel free to message me for more information, or simply ask to join the group:

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