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Business Consulting Throughout Melbourne.

Business Consulting Throughout Melbourne.

Our suite of services allows us to provide a range of solutions including full
bookkeeping, accounting software and consulting.

Maximise the success of your business.

Each and every business is unique. That’s why at Direct Management, we take the time to understand what it is that you require, now and in the future.

Our business consulting services aim to give you all the support you need to gain an edge in your industry. After all, a streamlined business is the most efficient business. To do this our comprehensive assessment identifies areas for improvement and how to achieve this using a structured solution. The solution may involve all or part of the following:

  • accounting software subscriptions, setup, implementation and integration to other software applications 
  • training you to do your own bookkeeping
  • a full bookkeeping service.

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Are you happy with your business?

As a business owner, you are busy. We get that. But sometimes it is great to take a breath and evaluate just how well you are travelling.

Take a few minutes to think about your business by answering the questions in this free download.

If you don’t like what is revealed, perhaps it is time to talk to someone who can provide a different perspective to your business growth opportunities.

Working with businesses in Cranbourne, Berwick, Narre Warren, Pakenham and beyond

Because our consulting services are so tailored to meet the needs of each individual business, we have quickly become the go-to team for business owners all over Melbourne. No matter the size or scope of your operation, we have the experience and expertise to guide you through various aspects of your business and help you maximise efficiency wherever possible.

What truly helps us achieve the best for each and every one of our clients is our commitment to excellence. We build professional relationships based on trust, enabling us to deliver multi-faceted business consulting services that achieve the best possible results based on your unique circumstances. Talk to our staff and you’ll soon discover that we want you to succeed as much as you do.

Your Business is Unique.

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Whether you want to book a consultation as soon as possible or you just want to find out a little more about what we do, contact us today and we will happily provide you with a complimentary assessment of the needs of your business. The Direct Management office is based and Cranbourne and we regularly provide business consulting to clients in Berwick, Pakenham, Narre Warren and many other areas of Melbourne, so don’t hesitate to get in touch no matter where you are located.